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hi, i'm josiah. talk to me. eighteen. htx. follower of jesus // katelin // tattoos // skateboarding // pop punk // photography


come into bed and listen to the rain with me

Anonymous asked: oh god no for everyone that has a crosley the needles are supposed to be horrible for them and in the long run ruin your records my friend had the problem happen to him and a few others that he knows

^^^^ listen to the anon

Anonymous asked: The record player you own - is it a Crosley? I had the same problem too with my Crosley. The turntable I have now is a huge improvement.

no mine is an Electrohome. I’m thinking about just getting a new one

p-zzasl-t asked: For the anon who asked about a record player, a great brand is Akai. I'm not sure of the prices, or if you can find one easily anymore, but I have one and it works great. Also, if your records skip, there may be something wrong with the arm or needle, or maybe you're not cleaning your records? Ah, just trying to help out c:


I have thought about trying to replace the needle and all, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. I don’t really know how to clean them though

knuckleyuck asked: to the last anon, i got my record player at target. it was only 75 dollars. Its a crosley, and it plays great. its a pretty reasonable price.



who wants to listen to Joyce Manor and spoon

Anonymous asked: Do you own a record player? I'm looking to buy one and I'm not quite sure which brand to go with. I want one that works well and has a relatively decent price. Any advice??

I do have a record player, but it doesn’t work very well. I don’t know why, but all
my records skip, even brand new ones (not referring to the band). I don’t know if it’s the needle or what, but it makes me mad. sorry I don’t have the greatest advice on this one!